Virtual real estate agency was founded after many years of preparation by the specialists from the IT and real estate industry. Integrating the latest IT technology and 13 years of experience of the real estate business we bring to the Czech market high standard services. We focus on private as well as corporate clients.

Our main vision is to save time and money to both sellers and buyers by providing services of the highest quality. Thanks to high quality and professional presentations we can show to our clients realistic look of the property. We prepare video tours, virtual tours and professional photographic documentation and also indicate the exact position of the object thanks to GPS coordinates. To increase the possibility of selling the property we also offer homestaging and photostaging services. After watching the presentation we can show the property only to truly interested clients. Our statistics of the sales are around 93% of the success rate.

We offer online tours as well to save the time and money of our clients. Our clients could order online tour in advance. It means that our real estate agent is at the property and you can watch the property at the same time on your computer. We use this online tour especially while selling the foreign properties.

We focus is also on searching properties according to Feng Shui principles and also provide consultancy in this area.

For maximum comfort of our clients, we also provide financial and legal services and supervise the entire course of the transaction. We collaborate with other experts from the real estate sector and we are able to provide, eg. house building, architect, designers services, etc.

Products and applications of our company are constantly being developed and upgraded. Now we are launching a unique project "Without real estate agency, with real estate agency."

We hope to become a leading power in the brahch of modern presentation, offering and mediation of real estate business and other services connected to real estate market.